Making Car Repairs on the Road

Before you think about doing repairs to your car on the road, you need to consider two things: your level of expertise and the law. For the former you should be confident in your skills and knowledge to conduct an onsite car repairs. With the latter, you should know where the law stands with regard to car repairs on the road. As far as this goes, you can conduct repairs as long as the following conditions apply:

  1. You are not making money from the repairs
  2. You are not a hindrance to other motorists or residents
  3. You are not running a business.

Observe the following safety procedures:

  • Make sure to have the appropriate personal protection equipment
  • Make sure that your jack is suitable for the weight of the vehicle and ensure that it is positioned under the vehicle
  • Ensure that the axils are placed safely and do not allow the car to balance
  • If you have a high visibility jacket then be sure to wear it
  • Wear gloves and eye protection

Your smartphone can come in handy for repairs. There are a number of videos and pages you can download showing you how to tackle common problems. Also, make sure to have the right tools available. You may need tools such as a wrench, socket and ratchet set, pliers and screwdrivers as well as a Jack.As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Learn to diagnose common car problems quickly so that they don’t cause problems on the road. Knowing when to replace your battery, seat belt or brakepad will come in handy.

Dr. Brooklyn Bartoletti DDS