Easy car repairs you can do at home

With the economy pincing, there are a number of easy repairs to your car that you can do at home, saving you a trip to the garage and leaving you with more money in your pocket.


Possibly one of the easiest repairs you can do to your car is headlight replacement. Ensure you purchase the correct bulb for the place on car e.g. brake light, headlight or fog light. Your bulb cover should just pull off, allowing you to change the bulb like you would a bulb in your house.

Dangling Exhaust Pipes

Your exhaust is held on commonly by a rubber loop, or hanger. Due to the nature of rubber it can degrade over time, causing your exhaust to rattle or make a dragging sound. Fixing the exhaust is relatively simple and requires looping on the new hanger to the exhaust.

Air Filter Replacement

Your air filter should be replaced, on average every 15,000 miles as a rule of thumb. This is a simple job you can do at home, without the need for a mechanic. It is worth consulting your manual before replacement, as this will advise on the exact location. For most car manufacturers, it is just a case of removing the old filter, giving the compartment a wipe with a lint free cloth and then replacing with the new air filter.

Changing Windshield Wiper Blades

You can buy replacement windscreen wipers from most car dealerships and car service centres. Windscreen wiper blades should be changed every year, or when you are noticing your screen visibility in rain is degrading. Windscreen wiper replacement is relatively simple, and is just a case of ‘snap off, snap on.’ The windscreen wipers are on a hook system so the new wipers should slot into place. Dependent on your car’s make, you may also need to attach the windscreen fluid.

Changing the Battery

Manufacturers recommend that you change your car battery every 2-4 years. Changing your car battery is very simple, if you follow the instructions contained within your car’s user manual. It is very important to take note of which lead goes to which terminal, and wear protective eye wear and gloves at all times.

Dr. Brooklyn Bartoletti DDS